TOPPING P50 Regulated Linear Power Supply Ultra Low Noise 2x 5V 1A + 15V 1A Black

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Regulated Linear Power Supply Ultra Low Noise 2x 5V 1A + 15V 1A

This regular linear power supply Topping P50 offers excellent performance and allows a HiFi system to be powered properly and thus promotes the sound reproduction quality of the latter. Particularly practical, the P50 has 2 USB-A outputs of 5V 1A and 1 DC 5.5/2.1mm jack output of 15V 1A.
It is therefore possible to supply several devices with a single power supply.

The P50 can be associated with a wide range of devices, with output voltages of 15V and 5V being very common for HiFi devices.
The power supply is of course an ideal choice to power severel brand’s other products.

The P50 uses a high quality, custom sealed toroidal transformer, ensuring low magnetic losses and a very low noise level.
In addition, the transformer has been designed to eliminate noise and residual interference, in order to provide the cleanest possible signal.

The 15V power supply circuit integrates a series of capacitors for a total capacity of not less than 10000µF and the 5V rails have 8000µF.
A significant energy reserve to ensure stable output signals.

The P50 uses 3 ultra-low noise linear controllers TPS7A4700.
These chips are capable of high accuracy and therefore perfectly suited for HiFi use and make them an excellent choice for analog circuits.

All the components of this P50 power supply are integrated in a beautiful and robust Aluminium housing.
It is CNC machined in a single piece of metal for better mechanical performance and reduced interference.


Product type Regulated linear power supply
Input voltage AC110V/AC220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Input connector IEC C14
Output voltages 2x 5VDC 1A
15VDC 1A
Output connector 2x USB-A
1x Jack DC 5.5/2.1mm
Noise < 1mVrms
Dimensions 11 x 11 x 5.2cm
Weight 0.88kg
Case material CNC machined Aluminium
Color BlackRegulated Linear Power Supply Ultra Low Noise 2x 5V 1A + 15V 1A