NuPrime SW-8 Audio Grade nätverksswitch

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NuPrime Omnia SW-8 är avsedd för högsta möjliga nätverksprestanda, hög hastighet och en så korrekt överföring som möjligt för att bevara musiksignalen intakt.

NuPrime licenses Omnia SW-8 from Thunder Data Co. Ltd., maker of Bonn N8. Omnia SW-8 differs from Bonn N8 with an upgraded low noise power supply and aluminum chassis.


  • Eight AUDIO GRADE 100 / 1000 Base-T Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • Superior main clock accuracy
  • Customized Silent Angel Noise Absorber (SANA)
  • Two noise isolator for main power circuit
  • Two noise isolator for clock generator circuit
  • Medical Grade power adaptor

Precise Control Of Clock Signal

TCXO (Temperature Compensation crystal Oscillator)

The heart of Omnia SW-8 is a customized TCXO with an extreme accuracy of 0.1ppm, much higher than a standard TCXO. The result is a more accurate network signal and stable music data transmission.

Main Circuit Board

  • Two electrical noise isolation circuits, with noise rejection rate 17dB, for power circuit.
  • Two electrical noise isolation circuits, with noise rejection rate 20dB, for clock generation circuit.
  • This noise isolation circuit ensures Omnia SW-8 to generate stable network signals.

High Permeability EMI Absorber

The Omnia SW-8 utilizes EMI absorber at the inner side of the bottom case to further reduce circuit noise.

Result In Jitter Improvement

The quality of network signal from Omnia SW-8 is 90% better than that of a general switch in jitter measurements.

Regular Home Switches jitter is as high as 705 ps.


Omnia SW-8 jitter is much lower (369 ps)