RAMM AUDIO ZEUS SI 15 Power Cable Schuko C15 OCC Copper Triple Shielding 1.5m (+BIT)

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Audiophile High-Current Cables

Audible ”hear-the-difference!” improvements over standard AC cables that open up the soundstage and more solid and rounded bass.
Wide and full imaging with layers of instruments, center stage vocals and midrange bring out the music to a more defined and dynamic presentation.

Solid core pure copper OCC conductors provides the best in wire conductivity. Air-Inside© cable geometry with three layer cable shieldings isolate RF and EMI interference, terminated with oxydation-free audiophile grade plugs — pure clean power for high-current amps, powered subs, and other high load components.
All these, and more affordable!

Ramm Audio offers with the Zeus SI 15 a high quality audiophile power cable.
It features an exceptional design with high purity OCC copper conductors for maximum conductivity.
The triple shielding and the geometrical placement of the conductors allows to limit efficiently the impact of RFI and EMI interferences on the signal.

1.5m Standard Length
Zeus-SI15 Schuko/IEC gold-plated brass plugs

Product type Power cable
Length 1.5m
Connectors 1x Male Schuko
1x IEC C15
Connector material Copper alloy
Conductos material OCC Copper
Shielding Triple
Connectors contacts plating Gold
Color Black



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RAMM Audio

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