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iFi Audio Zen Stream är en liten streamer med stöd för dom flesta stora streamingtjänster som 

  • Tidal Connect
  • Spotify Connect
  • Qobuz Hifi
  • M-Connect
  • Wifi, trådlöst internet, även kabelanslutning
  • Cromecast (Framtid uppdatering)
  • Roon Ready 
  • DLNA m.m

En mycket bra enhet som dessutom är mycket prisvärd

Stöder alla de senaste högupplösta formaten för musik av bästa kvalitet från din smartphones, surfplattor, datorer och Mac till ditt ljudsystem.

Utgångar: Coaxial och USB digital utgångar, till en extern DAC

Ingångar:  USB från en USB hårddisk/minneskort

Nätmodul iPower medföljer

Enheten drivs på DC 9V/1,8A – 15V/0,8A

ZEN Stream is a true ground-up design by iFi — the hardware and software implementation is quite exceptional:

  • Two SuperSpeed USB3.0 ports with Active Noise Cancellation II
  • S/PDIF out with the iPurifier built-in
  • Power supply with Silent Power tech
  • iFi software developed with Volumio open-source as the starting point, then coded and optimised by us to achieve the purest streaming software bar none

These are some of the factors behind why the ZEN Stream is at the cutting-edge handling PCM384/DSD256 on LAN and WiFi (802.11n, with 100Mbps on 5Ghz).

The ZEN Stream has one of the most fully-optimised software platforms in the world.

From the device’s drivers, to the kernel (the heart of the operating system), to the shell (which interfaces with the kernel), to the applications and the user interface — everything is fully optimised for seamless operation and excellent sonic performance.

An ingenious part of the ZEN Stream’s design is the ability to select between ‘Exclusive’ modes – individual settings dedicated to specific modes of operation to deliver the purest possible performance. All other programs are shut down – to minimise ‘software jitter’ — an often overlooked aspect that negatively impacts the quality of computer audio playback.

This ensures that the ZEN Stream is not merely a ‘jack of all trades’, but a master of all too.

  1. All-in-one (AIO) covers all modes
  2. ROON ready
  3. Tidal streaming
  4. NAA streaming
  5. DLNA streaming


Tech savvy.

Beneath the unassuming casework sits some serious horsepower in terms of both technologies and components:

  • Powerful 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex microprocessor
  • USB and S/PDIF interfaces regulated by femto-precision GMT clock to eradicate jitter
  • Active Noise Cancellation II and iPurifier technologies for USB and S/PDIF interfaces respectively
  • Intelligent Ethernet switch controller
  • High-PSRR, low idle current, low-dropout voltage regulators with soft start
  • Synchronous 1.6MHz high-speed precision power supply controller
  • C0G capacitors and Taiyo Yuden and Murata low ESR inductors


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